StarCO2mpressor - GEA

Net-Zero Product - Air Conditioning / Transport

Refrigerant GWP: 1
Refrigerant safety class: A1
Rated cooling capacity range (in kW) 7 – 35 (evaporating temperature +10 °C, superheat 10K, high pressure 100 bar, gas cooler outlet +40 °C) – 5 – 28 kW (evaporating temperature -20 °C, superheat 10K, high pressure 80 bar, gas cooler outlet +25 °C)
Dimensions: Height (in mm): approx. 220, Width (in mm): 600, Weight (in kg): 83
Company Headquarters: Germany
Energy source: electric
Awards: Busworld Innovation Label Award 2019
Training: GEA Bock offers special user training for interested experts. Trainings are also offered virtually as webinars now.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency measures:  Cylinders arranged in a star shape around the crankshaft achieve a compact system design that is perfect for the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744) – optimal for combining with a heat pump, which in this way achieves an up to 20 percent higher degree of efficiency.
Additional information: The innovative “star” drive gear design of the StarCO2mpressor opens new possibilities for air conditioning in electric buses and railways: space-saving roof installation, thanks to the industry’s overall lowest height and weight. And energy-saving heat generation without an auxiliary heater, even at outside temperatures down to -20°C.