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The climate impact of cooling equipment, including fridges and air-conditioners, is two-fold: they use huge amounts of electricity and often rely on super-polluting refrigerant gases such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) .

Pathway to net-zero cooling products are energy efficient and use ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP) (<5) natural refrigerants making them an ideal choice for consumers looking to cut their climate footprint.

For information about innovation across the cooling sectors and further guidance on how to reduce cooling emissions download EIA’s full Pathway to Net-Zero Product List report.

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Commercial  Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration encompasses refrigerators and freezers used in supermarkets, shops, offices and hospitality and other commercial spaces. This product list features centralised systems, condensing units, standalone systems, waterloop systems and vaccine coolers.
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Industrial  Refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration includes refrigeration for food processing, environmental testing of products and cold storage. This product list features a variety of systems for medium and low temperature applications.
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Domestic  Refrigeration

This product list covers a variety of fridge and freezer types and capacities available across the globe.
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Transport  Refrigeration

Transport refrigeration systems are designed to cool perishable products such as vaccines, medications, blood, food, beverages, and flowers moving products from any two points within a temperature-controlled environment. This product list features refrigerated trucks and trailers and refrigerated shipping equipment.
Air Conditioning
Icon Domestic

Domestic  Air Conditioning

Space cooling within the home. This product list includes single-split and portable air conditioning products.
Icon Commercial / Industrial

Commercial / Industrial  Air Conditioning

This product list includes chillers for commercial and industrial applications. End users include the automotive, electronics, data storage, energy and utilities, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cement and oil and gas sectors.
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Transport  Air Conditioning

This product list includes mobile air conditioning systems installed in cars, buses, vans and freight trucks to keep the driver and passengers comfortable.
Heat Pumps
Icon Domestic

Domestic  Heat Pumps

This product list covers heat pumps which can be used to power radiators and heat the water in a boiler, or as an air-conditioner to cool a space within the home.
Icon Commercial / Industrial

Commercial / Industrial  Heat Pumps

This product list covers heat pumps with larger heating capacities covering a range of temperatures. Many of the heat pumps featured here can be adapted for both commercial and industrial use.