CO2 Cold Chain Condenser Unit (for mobile trailers) - Greencold

Net-Zero Product - Refrigeration / Transport

Refrigerant GWP: 1
Refrigerant safety class: A1
Rated cooling capacity range (in kW): 4 kW Cooling Capacity for Chill and 2 kW Cooling capacity for Freeze application
Dimensions: Depth (in mm): 350Height (in mm): 930, Width (in mm): 800, Weight (in kg): 67
Unit cost: Weekend hire from GBP 275, Day hire from GBP 150, Weekly hire from GBP 350
Training: Trailer is for hire, will be delivered to site, positioned and set up by refrigeration engineer
Company Headquarters: UK
Statement by Greencold: “We would be prepared to hire the trailer outside the UK for ‘price on application’ (POA) however it must be stated the trailer does not refrigerate whilst in transit but only when parked in static configuration.”, “From our facility in the UK we would be able to supply CO2 refrigerated trailers for sale built to the customers requirements, size, shelving or dual compartment function for example.”

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency measures: Based on monitoring data, the units deliver 16% energy savings for refrigeration, and a 25% saving for freezing applications, compared to traditional units using R-404A.