Scottish State of the Art Ammonia Ice Rink

Scottish State of the Art Ammonia Ice Rink

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Stirling’s curling ice rink is powered by Star Refrigeration’s Azanechiller 2.0. The chiller uses Ammonia and have an SEPR of 4.8 which is 66% higher than the Minimum Energy Performance Standards set by the Eco-Design Directive.

The curling rink is a standalone building adjacent to the sports complex. Star was required for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a packaged refrigeration unit and glycol pump assembly. Engineers designed and installed the curling rink floor and interconnected warm and cold pipe circuits.

The selection of an air cooled package with Azanechiller 2.0 was ideal for the project because there was no need for a large chiller plant room, and the natural refrigerant meant it was an energy efficient, eco-friendly option as well as future proofed against the F-gas regulation.

The National Curling Academy’s Azanechiller 2.0 offers a coefficient of performance (COP) which is 62% higher than competing HFC screw chillers and 42% higher than alternative low carbon refrigerants. In terms of the impact on carbon emissions and life cycle costs, this results in a 700 tonne and £241,000 saving respectively after 20 years.


Energy Efficiency

SEPR of 4.28
COP is 62% higher than comparable HFC screw chillers