Cool Technologies is a searchable database of sustainable cooling and refrigeration from across the globe. It’s full of information about manufacturers and users of hydrofluorocarbon-free cooling equipment that rely on natural refrigerants and other sustainable cooling technologies

The global cooling sector is changing. Developing countries are today in the process of phasing out ozone depleting substances (HCFCs).  They are therefore making decisions about whether to replace HCFCs with hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) or climate-friendly technologies, such as natural refrigerants. Developed countries, which already rely primarily on HFCs in their refrigeration and air-conditioning sectors, are reducing HFC production and consumption through national, regional and global legislation.

The move away from HFCs is already well underway. By understanding what is available and working well for others you can make the best choice for the future.   

Disclaimer:  The database is not meant to be all inclusive, nor is the inclusion of any enterprise an endorsement by Greenpeace or Environmental Investigation Agency of any company or its products. 

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