Survey for Nat Ref Industry on the EU F Gas Regulation

Survey for Nat Ref Industry on the EU F Gas Regulation

Case Study - Refrigeration / Commercial

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ATMO Intelligence, the Market Development division of shecco invites air-conditioning and refrigeration stakeholders to participate in a survey that assesses the F-Gas Regulation, sector by sector, while also looking into what should be included in an upcoming revision of the regulation.

Respondents select the sectors they are active in and complete a custom survey based on their interests. “With these results, we will produce a comprehensive report that will be shared with policymakers across the EU to drive more progressive change, particularly in terms of refrigerants and getting rid of harmful gases in all sectors – from transport refrigeration to domestic air conditioning,” said Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Development Manager at shecco.

Once completed, the report will be freely available for download.The survey should take around 15-20 minutes.


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