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This website is a survey of refrigeration and cooling technologies that use natural refrigerants. Clicking on a category in the left column of this page begins your exploration into the database.

When viewing a list of products, you can use filters located at the top of the page to narrow your results to the products of most interest to you.

Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of our report, "COOL TECHNOLOGIES: Working without HFCs". The PDF report includes all the information contained in this website.

We welcome information on new technologies and products as they come to market. You can reach us by completing this form.

The Cool Technologies Database originates from the Greenpeace International survey “Cool Technologies: Working Without HFCs” which was originally published in 2000 and routinely updated until 2012. In 2014, Greenpeace and the Environmental Investigation Agency partnered to launch the Cool Technologies Database. The Database incorporates the data from the "Cool Technologies: Working Without HFCs” report. It also draws data from a series of annual EIA reports “Chilling Facts”, published from 2009 to 2014, focusing on the transition from HFCs towards climate-friendly alternatives in major supermarket chains in the UK and Europe.

The Cool Technologies Database Editorial Committee is comprised of Greenpeace and EIA. The Committee is responsible for the full content of the Database. The Database presents a sample survey of companies using and/or manufacturing HFC-free technologies. The survey is not meant to be all inclusive, nor is the inclusion of any enterprise an endorsement by Greenpeace or Environmental Investigation Agency of an company or its products.

The Database benefits from information derived from many sources. Wherever possible the sources have been referenced. Greenpeace and EIA are appreciative of the cooperation of all individuals, companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations that provide requested technical information and data.

The Cool Technologies Database benefits greatly from cooperation with shecco, a market development company that supports globally the introduction of climate friendly cooling technologies.

The Database is to be routinely updated. Information regarding new examples of HFC-free technologies and their application is welcomed.